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Re: menu driven configure-script

From: Jose Roman Bilbao
Subject: Re: menu driven configure-script
Date: 07 Jun 2003 21:55:06 +0200

It would be great to have such an option as it is really uncomfortable
to write sometimes four or five lines to run configure properly with the
desired options.


El sáb, 07-06-2003 a las 21:36, Richard Dawe escribió:
> Hello.
> Mikael Hansen wrote:
> > 
> > Why not let autoconf create a configure-script with the possibilbity
> > to set all the options via a menu (like "make menuconfig" for the linux
> > kernel)?
> Which options? --with-*, --enable-*? Or do you mean "override what configure
> detects"?
> Bye, Rich =]

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