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/lib64/ for mixed architectures

From: Bart Trojanowski
Subject: /lib64/ for mixed architectures
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 21:33:01 -0400
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  I am participating in the debian amd64 port.  amd64 is a mixed 32 and
64bit architecture and requires special attention when it comes time to
installing libraries on the system.

  By studying the LSB and what other distributions have done we have
decided to install 32bit libraries in /lib, and 64bit versions of the
same libraries in /lib64.

  At this time, if I understand things correctly, the GNU autotools have
no notion of /lib64.

  Instead of modifying every package to manually force
libdir=${prefix}/lib64 we would like the GNU autotools (either by
default or only on a debian distribution) to recognize mixed
architectures and install 32bit libs in /lib and 64bit libs in /lib64.

  Has this problem ever been considered?

  I am a long time user of auto{conf,make} but I am not familiar with
it's implementation... if there is no one working on this, I would like
to get some pointers as to where to start looking.



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