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From: Leon Torres Angeles
Subject: configure
Date: Thu, 03 Jul 2003 17:34:53 +0000

I recently got installed the TurboLinux server 8
I need to install a diferent DHCP client other then dhclient wich seems cant complete the connection with the ISP

I was trying to install the dhcpcd, but it at the ./configure comand it refused to continue asking for the
CPU-VENDOR-SYSTEM option to be able continue
so reading here and there and running a few commands it seems I'm missing the "autoconf"
command so I already installed it, the m4 dependency was already there.

so I tryed again to run the ./configure command for the dhcpcd but still the same result, no go.

I have little experience with linux, so I'm clearly missing some steps or extra and basic options should I best be giving the arguments to the dhcpcd configure commmand and how/where do I find them so that I may have already my linux-internet connection

...have fun!

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