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problem compiling Autoconf-2.57 on RedHat 7.2

From: * sAn *
Subject: problem compiling Autoconf-2.57 on RedHat 7.2
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 06:36:39 -0500

hello all,

I tried to install Autoconf-2.57.tar.gz on my Linux box. (RedHat Linux 7.2 
Kernel-2.4.7-10 Make-3.79.1-8). But I could not install it succifully. The 
older version autoconf-2.13-14 already exists on my machine.I didn't get any 
error message during compilation. But when I tried to check whether newer 
version is installed or not with "rpm -q autoconf" command, the message i get 
is "autoconf-2.13-14" is installed. Also when I tried to install Automake-1.7 I 
get error message that Autoconf-1.57 is needed - that means autoconf-2.57 is 
not installed properly. What may be the reason? Do i need to UPDATE rather than 
installing new version? if so then can anyone plz guide me to do so? 
I want to install MPEG4IP on my machine but can proceed only if autoconf & 
hence Automake-1.7 & other dependent packages are installed. Every other 
package asks for Automake-1.14 or higher, which I can't installed until I have 
Autoconf-2.57 on my box.

Please help out!!
Regards ,
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