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How to autoconf...

From: Frank A. Uepping
Subject: How to autoconf...
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 20:27:04 +0200

assume someone has finished a software project and wants to distribute it
with autoconf. Currently the software compiles and runs on the platform of
the developer; though the developer is interested to get the software run on
other platforms as well, if there is a need (note, the developer has no
access to the other sites).
Autoconf has many feature test macros that allow for testing verything.
  Should the developer analyze its software for all the required features
it needs and fit out with a test for it (which will makec 
onfigure fail if the test fails).
  Or should the developer distribute its software with a minimal
and let the compilation fail if something is incompatible.
What is the right strategy?


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