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how to determine block size

From: Richard Bos
Subject: how to determine block size
Date: Sat, 2 Aug 2003 23:14:32 +0200
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Is it possible to determine/get the block size that can be used by a system?  
I have the information below that provides some insight, but is it possible 
to obtain this information from configure?

   Size of DB input buffer blocks.  Normally, this is
   set by indicating which machine you are on.  The default
   size is 4096.  For large mainframes it is set to 10240.
   For vaxen it is set to 6144.  (See hdr/udbio.h.)  This
   definition can affect the number of reads done to get
   data and the amount of internal fragmentation there is
   in memory (since a block cannot be re-used until all
   attributes in the block are unused).

   The blocksize is determined by the data stored in the file
   iosize, that can be found in the package document directory.

The file iosize contains the following:
3b2     4096
3b20    4096
alliant 4096
i386    4096
mips    4096
pyr     4096
sun3    4096
vax     6144
hppa    8192
i486    8192
ilinux  8192
sparc   8192
ibm     10240
uts4    10240
solaris 16384

Richard Bos
Without a home the journey is endless

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