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checking for non-standard headers

From: Larry Siden
Subject: checking for non-standard headers
Date: 11 Aug 2003 19:14:34 -0400

How can I get autoconf to automatically find header files that are not
part of the standard include path, but for which *.pc files exist?

I want to check for non-standard headers, such as, pango/pango.h,
glib.h, and others.  AC_CHECK_HEADER seems to work only for standard
headers, i.e. headers that can be found in the standard include path. 
How can I augment the include path for other headers?  

I am calling "PKG_CHECK_MODULES(MODULES, pango glib-2.0)" to set
MODULES_CFLAGS, but don't know how to append this info to the include
path used by autoconf.

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