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AC_CHECK_HEADERS and "present but cannot be compiled" warnings

From: Tim Potter
Subject: AC_CHECK_HEADERS and "present but cannot be compiled" warnings
Date: Fri, 29 Aug 2003 10:35:53 +1000
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After switching Samba to autocon 2.53 from 2.13 we have started seeing 
the "WARNING: foo.h: present but cannot be compiled" errors I'm sure 
you have all fielded questions about in the past.

My question is there any chance of having a macro that retains the 
old behaviour of AC_CHECK_HEADERS, i.e preprocessor check, not compile 
check?  It seems wasteful to me that you now need to keep track of of
header file compile dependencies in two places: and the
project source code.  The old CPP-only behaviour only requires this
information to be stored in the source.


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