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Re: CLASSPATH separator in

From: Andreas Buening
Subject: Re: CLASSPATH separator in
Date: Wed, 01 Oct 2003 22:29:11 +0200

David Neary wrote:

> gnu/%.class: @srcdir@/src/gnu/
>         @JAVAC@ @JAVACFLAGS@ \
>                 -d . \
>                 -classpath "${CLASSPATH}:@srcdir@/src:." \
>                 @srcdir@/src/gnu/xml/libxmlj/transform/*.java
> This is fine on Unix, but obviously doesn't go down well on Win32. Modifying
> the :s to ;s explicitly in the gets it through the Windows
> build, which is fine. But is there a way to have an AC_SEPARATOR defined
> which "converts" stuff like this to the correct format for the target
> platform at the configure stage? It would be nice not to have to manually
> edit makefiles and configure scripts in Win32.

Newer versions of autoconf/automake should define PATH_SEPARATOR to ':' or
';' in your Makefile.


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