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Re: Old Emacs check

From: Eric Sunshine
Subject: Re: Old Emacs check
Date: Fri, 3 Oct 2003 08:52:36 -0400

On Fri, 03 Oct 2003 09:09:36 +0200, Akim Demaille wrote:
> Eric Sunshine wrote:
>  > Here is a patch for Autoconf's
>  > which adds a check for a sufficiently recent version of Emacs.
> Thanks, I installed the following.

Thank you.  Unfortunately, there is a bit of a problem.  When you fixed the  
quoting in the old AC_CHECK_PROGS invocation, it seems that you accidentally  
deleted an important character.

> diff -u -u -r1.59
> -AC_CHECK_PROGS(EMACS, emacs xemacs, no)
> +AC_CHECK_PROGS([TEST_EMACS], [macs xemacs], [no])

That should read [emacs xemacs], rather than [macs xemacs].  :-)

-- ES

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