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Re: managing subdirectories

From: Bill Wendling
Subject: Re: managing subdirectories
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 14:00:34 -0500
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Also sprach Kai Ludwig:
} I have a question about managing subdirectories with
} autoconf/automake. 
} Our project contains several independent packages. For
} each package we have a subdirectory and each subdirectory
} has a configure script.
} >From the top level configure script the user should choose
} wether s/he wants to compile a specific package or not.
} e.g.:  ./configure --enable-gui
} By now (and that solution works with autoconf-2.53 and automake-1.6.3)
} we use the AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS macro in the top level
} file:
} if test "x$gui" = xtrue; then
} else
} if test "x$model" = xtrue; then
} else 
} AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS(Utilities GUI Model)
} fi
} fi
} Trying the same code with autoconf-2.57 and automake-1.7.7 results in the 
} following error when running automake:
} error: `Utilities' is already registered with 
} /usr/local/src/autoconf/autoconf-2.57/lib/autoconf/status.m4:1073: 
} AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS is expanded from...
} the top level
} Is there a better/standard solution for our purpose ?
This is a shot in the dark (and I haven't tested it) but have you tried
"quoting" the subdirectories above (because they have spaces in their

So, something like:

    AC_CONFIG_SUBDIRS([Utilities GUI Module])

or something?

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