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Nine considerations when controlling bandwidth across your site

From: Sam Green
Subject: Nine considerations when controlling bandwidth across your site
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 2003 18:19:59 -0000


Which are the best ways to control bandwidth usage and so control costs and
deliver guaranteed Quality of Service to your users?

We here at Zeus Technology have written a document that highlights the main
issues in controlling bandwidth. Topics include: controlling rogue users;
throttling on a per-MIME type or file size basis; bandwidth control across
clusters; throttling on a per-web site or per-user basis; identifying users;
maintaining Quality of Service; the different bandwidth charging models most
frequently used; negating download accelerators; and delivering faster
connectivity to segmented user classes.

Zeus Technology has seven years of experience in supplying and advising
organizations that have major internet sites with customers that include
eBay,, WR Hambrecht, NASA, Federal Railways¸ the BBC, TD Waterhouse
and Société Générale.

Who in your organization would be the right person to send our document to?

Thanks & Regards,
Sam Green <address@hidden>
Tel: +44 1223 525000

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