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Re: [patch] Keep executability of config.status-ed files

From: Jan Kratochvil
Subject: Re: [patch] Keep executability of config.status-ed files
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:19:56 +0100
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On Wed, 10 Dec 2003 19:14:00 +0100, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> On Wed, 10 Dec 2003, Akim Demaille wrote:
> > chmod +w :)
> Which will fail if the current user does not have the right to update
> the file (e.g. owned by another user ID).  This may seem unusual, but
> it can be expected for a read-only source tree, or if the source tree
> is extracted by another user.

This 'read-only another user ID' applies to but not to FILE - FILE must
be writable by our (>). Is it OK this way?

        cp srcdir/ builddir/FILE
        chmod +w builddir/FILE
        sed ... <srcdir/ >builddir/FILE


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