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Re: generating a configure script in a subdirectory?

From: Juan Luis Baptiste
Subject: Re: generating a configure script in a subdirectory?
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:15:26 -0500
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This is what I needed to know, thank you very much.

Juan Luis Baptiste

You are supposed to cd to the subproject and run autoconf/automake etc.
there, i.e. the steps you don't want to do are the nominal procedure.

Some projects try to automate this by using a manually written script,
in most cases called or bootstrap.

In case all of your configure scripts and Makefiles are compatible to
using the same versions of autoconf/automake etc. you alternatively can
try to use "autoreconf" in the toplevel directory.

But beware, autoreconf can be dangerous and doesn't always work.


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