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Re: /usr/local [was: CPPFLAGS prob]

From: Russell Shaw
Subject: Re: /usr/local [was: CPPFLAGS prob]
Date: Fri, 18 Jun 2004 15:04:48 +1000
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Dan Kegel wrote:
Paul Jarc wrote:

Dan Kegel <address@hidden> wrote:

The right thing to do is use /opt/arm-linux/usr/lib/pkgconfig/audiofile.pc,
which will point to the right library.

Right.  So set PKG_CONFIG_PATH=/opt/arm-linux/lib/pkgconfig.

I certainly agree that'd do it.  Not sure that Russell does yet, though.

That is what i currently do.

FWIW, on my systems, every version of every package is installed in
its own prefix, even glibc.  There are no /lib, /usr/lib, or
/usr/include - but "strings pkg-config" still includes those paths.
So those strings may not mean much.

I think the embedded path is used mostly to find the lib/pkgconfig directory.

FWIW, setting PKG_CONFIG_PATH can mean yet another annoying change to each app's build script.
If there is one toolchain associated with each lib/pkgconfig directory,
it might be more convenient for the users to plop a copy of
pkg-config into that toolchain's bin directory, with the right
default value for PKG_CONFIG_PATH.  It's easier than teaching them

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