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Date: Sat, 14 Aug 2004 13:21:53 +0100

Attn: Sir,
On behalf of the poor family, I am Mrs. Mustafa Alijath, the wife of retired 
Major El Mustafa, former chief Security officer to the late General Sani Abacha 
of former head of states Federal Republic of Nigeria.
My husband was arrested immediately after the death of his boss, late General 
Sani Abacha. Who committed so many atrocities during his Leadership as 
president? My husband has been charged with another false level allegation as 
attempt coup while still in detention. Security alerts have beefed up around my 
entire home. As my husband is still being held for more offences, all my 
husband’s local accounts and properties have been seized instruction given by 
the president to freeze any foreign belonging to my husband. I am afraid the 
government may charge my husband with death sentence.
Before now, when I opted to see/visited my husband last in the prison, we 
discussed about our deposit in one of the local Bank here, the Government does 
not know about this account because the manager of the bank is my husband’s 
friend. The bank manager is such a nice man who has promised to transfer the 
funds to their affiliate bank in the Dutch land as soon as I can readily 
provide some I know that will be reliable before the Government will come to 
know about this account as a result of their intensify search for my husbands 
wealth. My husband gave me your contact information as we discussed about 
contacting a foreigner for the safety of this deposit and the family not to be 
exposed to the public, therefore, my husband warned that I should not contact 
any other person’s regards this matter, however, he instructed me on where to 
contact you to help the family. 
 All the legal documents regards this deposit are kept in safe place, the 
entire family needs your able assistance now to clear this said deposit as the 
My Son, Bello Mustafa will be ready to speak with 
Please my humble self requires your urgent attention before they will clear our 
last hope.
Thanking you in anticipation for your concern and I am counting on you.

Mr. & Mrs. Mustafa Alijath.

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