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Re: Libtool convenience library dependence check

From: Andre Caldas
Subject: Re: Libtool convenience library dependence check
Date: Mon, 23 Aug 2004 13:31:37 +0900
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Could it be that you have a timestamp problem? Are all files on local disk, or are you using a network? Unless time keeping is closely managed (e.g. via NTP) mixing files between local disk and a server over the network can give make fits.

All the files are local to my computer.

I am the developer of the package I am building. It consists of a little more than 150 .cpp and 150 .h files. I have some 4 libraries. There is a big one that has many subdirectories. Each subdirectory corresponds to a convenience library.

Like this:
lib1/                    lib2/         lib3/ ...
conv1_1/ conv1_2/ ...

lib1, lib2, lib3, ... are subdirectories of top. Each contains a makefile for a _installed_ library.

conv1_1 and conv1_2 are subdirectories of lib1. Each contains a "convenience library" which is used only by it's parent (lib1/). Each can contain it's own subdirectories with convenience libraries used only by their parent directories (ie: conv1_1 or conv1_2, NOT lib1).

Now I have found something very interesting (not to say, annoying):

* If I am at the directory "top/" and do a "make install", every .cpp in every convenience library in "lib1/" is unconditionaly re-compiled.


* If I do: "cd lib1 && make install" the library is _conditionaly_ compiled (that is, only the modified files are re-compiled).

Andre Caldas.

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