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AC_*_IFELSE and paths with spaces

From: Vladimir Panov
Subject: AC_*_IFELSE and paths with spaces
Date: Sat, 12 Mar 2005 00:11:34 +0200
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Suppose that I have an include directory that has a space in its path. I add it to $CPPFLAGS with quotes, e.g.:
CPPFLAGS="-I\"/path with a space\""
If I try AC_COMPILE_IFELSE (or AC_LINK_IFELSE), the compiler sees the include directory this way (literally, i.e. including the quotes):
"/path with a space"
On the other hand, this approach (adding -I"/path with a space" to $CPPFLAGS) works for all the make versions I have tried. I suspect the difference is that configure doesn't spawn a new copy of the shell to execute the compiler, while make does.

My question is - how do I add paths with spaces to $CPPFLAGS, $LDFLAGS, etc so that the AC_*_IFELSE macros would pass them correctly to the compiler?


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