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Re: Configure not selecting proper -pthread options

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Configure not selecting proper -pthread options
Date: Fri, 15 Apr 2005 08:51:58 +0200
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Hi Kevin,

* Kevin Teich wrote on Thu, Apr 14, 2005 at 11:03:32PM CEST:
> We use the ACX_PTHREAD macro from ac-archive to configure pthread options, 
> from . 
> configure would execute successfully and determine that -pthread was the 
> correct option for this machine, but our programs would not compile, the 
> Makefiles generating link errors for undefined pthread symbols.
> The reason for this is that when configure does its test to figure out how 
> to handle pthreads, it uses a combined compile/link line when testing 
> various options. The test it does for -pthread is to set CFLAGS to 
> -pthread and leave LIBS blank, and it generates a test like this:
> Is this a bug, or a logic error in the ACX_PTHREAD macro, or a 
> misconfiguration on my part? Did I do the correct thing to fix it, or is 
> there another work-around?

You are not using ACX_PTHREAD correctly.  From the documentation:
| dnl NOTE: You are assumed to not only compile your program with these
| dnl flags, but also link it with them as well.  e.g. you should link

Note I have this from, I don't know whether the
two archives are in sync w.r.t. this macro.


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