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Re: at_top_builddir -> at_top_build_prefix / Autotest Versioning

From: Stepan Kasal
Subject: Re: at_top_builddir -> at_top_build_prefix / Autotest Versioning
Date: Mon, 27 Jun 2005 11:36:31 +0200
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Hello Noah,

> On 2005-05-20, at_top_builddir, a variable `configure' passes to `testsuite' 
> via
> `atconfig', changed names to at_top_build_prefix.  Consequently, `configure'
> generated by `autoconf' predating the change do not properly configure
> `testsuite' generated by `autom4te' postdating the change, and vice-versa.

I did that change.  The goal was to change @top_builddir@ from "../" to
".."--see the NEWS entry.

The variable ac_top_builddir still has the old value, but will change in the
future.  New variable ac_top_build_prefix was introduced; it will keep the
old value forever.

That was my original work.  I was forced to do some patch to Autotest, too.
But I don't understand autotest much, thus I wasn't aware of the possibility
of mixing different versions.

I wrote a quick patch; please find it attached to this mail.  Is it OK?

> In the mean time, be sure to install a post-2005-05-20 Autoconf before
> rebuilding Autoconf's `configure'.

Well, I always call tests/autoconf.  My installed autoconf 2.59 chokes on

Have a nice day,

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