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Re: changing compiler from gcc to mpiCC

From: Allan Clark
Subject: Re: changing compiler from gcc to mpiCC
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 02:17:59 +0800
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Hi "cool_nithu";

$ ./configure --with mpiCC=yes --without-gcc
1) --with-XXXX, ie "--with-mpiCC=yes" (no space)
2) ./configure --help should tell you if that's even an option (if it's not, ./configure ignores it)

Did these options come from that package? Did you get them from some information in the package, or did you think they were good possibilities? Be aware that this is the autoconf list, not the support list for that package, but maybe this will get you somewhere closer to a fix.

When i look into configure file i see lines like..

so you need to set $CC, right?

Barring setting it in a config.cache, you want either:

   export CC=mpiCC ; ./configure ...


./configure CC=mpiCC (? does this work? Should from the fall-thru at end of options processing)

...or maybe...

   CC=mpiCC ./configure ...      (first option, no export)

Remember to augment the project you're working with to provide the docs that you didn't find there! :) Even a paragraph is better than nothing, and it's a start!


nithu wrote:


I'm using ecell software, which has the configure file generated by GNU 
Autoconf 2.57. In this software i'm trying to install the software with mpiCC 
as the compiler and not gcc. First i tried doing this when configuring using 
the command,
$ ./configure --with mpiCC=yes --without-gcc
But this option did not work, even after installing the software this way, it still makes use of gcc only. How do i force it to use mpiCC as the compiler and not gcc? And if i try using $ ./configure --with mpiCC=yes --without-g++
it says package not found! but on the real to in many places i saw assignments 
using g++.

When i look into configure file i see lines like..

if test "$GCC"=yes; then
CFLAGS="=g -O2"
if no C compiler was specified use CC
CC=$lt_compiler_CXX {language specific compiler}

how do i know where the compiler is set to gcc which i want to change to mpiCC. 
is there any file that sets the value of variables for the configure file? If 
anyone has a clue of how to get over this, Please let me know.



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