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Configure help

From: Bob Rossi
Subject: Configure help
Date: Tue, 5 Jul 2005 11:25:21 -0400
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I am having a little trouble using autoconf to configure my package.
Currently, I am tring to build a package that depends on another
package. Basically CGDB (main package) depends on Readline (second

I am using   
to configure readline. This works well.

There is 2 problems I need to solve. The first is, since readline is
installed in cgdb/readline-5.0, I need a way of telling 

     AC_CHECK_HEADERS(readline.h history.h)
     AC_CHECK_LIB(readline, readline,
       [AC_DEFINE(HAVE_LIBREADLINE, 1, readline library)],
         AC_MSG_ERROR([Packaged readline failed to build.
         Please submit a bug report.]))

the above 2 commands how to find the installed readline. For instance,
AC_CHECK_LIB does not know to look in cgdb/readline-5.0 for readline.h.
What is the best way to accomplish this? 

Also, AC_CHECK_LIB can not even look for libreadline.a until after the
"make" is done. Is there a way to ./configure && make && make install
the readline package, and then continue with CGDB's configure?

Bob Rossi

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