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Re: disappearing in a misterious way

From: Stepan Kasal
Subject: Re: disappearing in a misterious way
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2005 11:59:42 +0200
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Hello Roberto,

I looked at the lines in question:

On Wed, Jul 06, 2005 at 06:44:14PM +0200, Roberto Bagnara wrote:
> echo "$as_me:$LINENO: checking $ac_header usability" >&5
> echo $ECHO_N "checking $ac_header usability... $ECHO_C" >&6
> cat >conftest.$ac_ext <<_ACEOF
> /* confdefs.h.  */
> cat confdefs.h >>conftest.$ac_ext
> cat >>conftest.$ac_ext <<_ACEOF
> /* end confdefs.h.  */
> $ac_includes_default
> #include <$ac_header>
> rm -f conftest.$ac_objext
> if { (eval echo "$as_me:$LINENO: \"$ac_compile\"") >&5
>   (eval $ac_compile) 2>conftest.er1

and indeed, is created by the two preceding commands.
I cannot see any problem.  If you could debug the problem on your platforms,
we'd be glad to hear the result.

Have a nice day,

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