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Re: Need help with autoconf configure script

From: Bob Rossi
Subject: Re: Need help with autoconf configure script
Date: Thu, 14 Jul 2005 09:39:31 -0400
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On Thu, Jul 14, 2005 at 10:01:46AM +0200, Stepan Kasal wrote:
> Hello,
> On Wed, Jul 13, 2005 at 07:38:25AM -0400, Bob Rossi wrote:
> > Is this a bug in autoconf?
> yes, this is a bug in autoconf.  It is well known, and it'll be fixed in
> Autoconf 3, in a distant future...

OK, Thanks. Is there at least a way to detect this bug when running
autoconf to alert the user of a possible problem? instead of trying to
fix it?

> When I see this solution, I don't think it's worth it to waste much time
> trying to find a suitable solution for Autoconf 2, though I understand
> that this bug can be very annoyig.  But hey, this bug forced you to learn
> more about Autoconf, right?  ;-)

Yes, this is definatly true.

> No seriously, we apologize for the inconvenience, but we are afraid there
> is no instant solution.  (Except the workaround described by Andreas, which
> you actually use.)
> Have nice day,
>       Stepan Kasal

It really is OK. I probably spent 4-5 hours trying to fix this problem
over a period of a week. Without the autoconf mailing list I would have
*never* fixed it. Thanks for all the support!

Bob Rossi

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