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Re: checking for Berkley db 4.2 --> 4.3 upgrade

From: Mike Castle
Subject: Re: checking for Berkley db 4.2 --> 4.3 upgrade
Date: Tue, 26 Jul 2005 23:52:30 -0700

In article <address@hidden>, Sam Steingold  <address@hidden> wrote:
>Berkley db changed prototypes for functions that are struct members.
>how do I check for that?

The official word from Sleepycat is that it's much better to statically
link against a known version of BDB that you ship with your package.  This
is one of the first things they mentioned in the recently created
berkeley-db newsgroup.

Evolution now ships with a specific BDB, as does nvi, to give two examples
of packages that follow this policy.


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