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Underquoting aclocals

From: Daryl Lee
Subject: Underquoting aclocals
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 13:45:33 -0600

Thanks to members of this group, I have been walking through Alexandre
Duret-Lutz's fine Autotools Tutorial, and have encountered a problem at
the outset.  First, I upgraded my toolset to current (autoconf 2.59,
automake 1.95, libtool 1.5.18, and gettext 0.14.4.  Then I created the
Hello World example.

When I ran "autoreconf --install" on the Hello World example, I got many
"underquoted definition" errors in /usr/local/shared/aclocal.  I picked
the last one on the list, wrapped the macro name in brackets
([AM_PATH_CPPUNIT] instead of just AM_PATH_CPPUNIT) in the definition,
deleted all the newly created files, and ran autoreconf again.  That
error dropped off the list, suggesting that I might need to do the same
thing on many of the files in that directory.  But is there a smarter
way to handle the problem?  I don't feel good about turning off warnings
until I have a solid grasp of what's happening.

Daryl Lee
Open the Present, it's a Gift.

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