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Re: listing all sources

From: Trevor Woerner
Subject: Re: listing all sources
Date: Fri, 26 Aug 2005 10:29:19 -0400

brilliant... BRILLIANT!

On 8/25/05, Allan Clark <address@hidden> wrote:
> >I have a project with source files in multiple subdirectories: src,
> >tests, cfg. Doxygen will generate code documentation based on special
> >hints in the comments of the code files themselves (like javadoc, if
> >you're familiar with that mechanism).
> >
> >I could just blindly have Doxygen run each time I run "make [<something>]":
> >all-local:: doxygen/html/index.html
> >
> >But it would be nice if it only ran as required, in other words, only
> >when one of the project's sources is modified. Previously I had all
> >the sources in one directory (src) so this was easy:
> >doxygen/html/index.html: $(SOURCES)
> >    $(DOXYGEN) Doxyfile
> >
> >But if the sources are spread throughout the project is there any way
> >at any one location to dynamically know all the sources?
> >doxygen/html/index.html: $(SUBDIRS)/$(SOURCES)
> >    $(DOXYGEN) Doxyfile
> >
> The recursive behavior of automake makes this difficult.  What you can
> do it alter Automake to provide in every Makefile (might be non-trivial):
> .doxygen: $(SOURCES)
>     touch $@
> ... then, at top-level, you could enumerate your subdirs:
> doxygen: src/.doxygen doc/.doxygen
>     doxygen ...
> ... with gnu-make, if you wanted to make the list of Doxygen dependents
> automatic, you could:
> doxygen: $(addsuffix /.doxygen,$(DIST_SUBDIRS))
>     doxygen ...
> Alternatively, you could cause a filelist to be created from a
> dependency on the Makefiles -- $(addsuffix /,$(DIST_SUBDIRS))
> -- or even generate a file to be included in the top-level Makefile.  ..
> or just wimp out and:
> doxygen: $(addsuffix /*.c,$(DIST_SUBDIRS)) $(addsuffix /*.h,$(DIST_SUBDIRS))
>     doxygen ...
> Lemme know if it works...

It's so great to learn new things! I had never encountered those make
functions before (i.e. addsuffix).

I ended up doing a bit of a combination of things. As much as I liked
the wimp-out approach it won't work for me because there doesn't exist
in all $(DIST_SUBDIRS) files with both *.h and *.c suffixes (e.g. cfg,
doc), and I certainly wasn't going to pollute those directories with
dummy files just to make this work!

So in each of my $(DIST_SUBDIRS) I ended up doing the:
.doxygen: $(SOURCES)
    touch $@

which ensures that all the existing sources are monitored and then in
the top-level I did a part-wimp-out:
doxygen/html/index.html: $(addsuffix /.doxygen,$(DIST_SUBDIRS))
    $(DOXYGEN) ...

I like this solution because it still remains rather flexible, I don't
have to hard-code the subdirectory names to monitor. If I added a new
$(DIST_SUBDIR) then I wouldn't have to modify this

The only squeaker (which I'm perfectly happy with) was in the cfg
directory (which is actually a AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR(cfg) directory) where
I had to get a bit creative be able to include config.h in this
checking algorithm:
SOURCES = config.h

To get all this to work all's had to include ".doxygen" in
their "all-local" declarations. For example cfg/ looks
SOURCES = config.h
all-local:: .doxygen
.doxygen: $(SOURCES)
        touch $@

Thanks again, great solution!

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