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help with ac_arg_with if statement logic

From: Ayodele Onibokun \(Jimmy\)
Subject: help with ac_arg_with if statement logic
Date: Thu, 1 Sep 2005 06:13:36 -0700 (PDT)

Hi --
      Yeah.... I mean the archive => transcripts. You asked me yesterday to do 
the compilation with gfortran by hand and I did and it worked. The thing is I 
know where the compiler is so before I do anything, I'll set the path as in set 
path = (/usr/local/ap/gcc4/bin/gfortran). Thats where the compiler is at and I 
also set the path to the lib as in set LD_LIBRARY_LIB /usr/local/ap/gcc4/lib so 
it works. Now, in the acinclude.m4 file, I have gone there to set the lib as 
well but I don't know if i'm doing it right but I just followed the way F77 was 
done for Sun compiler. Now, when i do autoconf and automake, everything goes 
well, now when I do ./configure --with-gfortran, I get errors on that line with 
AC_ARG_WITH([gfortran], ..........). I know the problem is with the [ if else 
condition], I looked up Bourne Shell yesterday and the format is 
    if [ condition 1] then
           do action 1
           do action 2
the thing that confuses me most is that it doesn't have a semicolon (;) at the 
end of action 1 but since the AC_ARG_WITH macro handles this to the shell, I 
don't know.  Here's it again:
AC_ARG_WITH([gfortran], AC_HELP_STRING([--with-gfortran], [use GNU gfortran]),
    if [$withval = yes]; then
   fi                                                    ---- do I need  a 
comma there or semicolon?
Thanks Stepan.

 a.k.a -Jimmy
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