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Re: Help with removing .mod files with configure script [gmake distclean

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: Help with removing .mod files with configure script [gmake distclean]
Date: Thu, 15 Sep 2005 09:11:34 -0600
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Ayodele Onibokun (Jimmy) wrote:
> > if you want to add additional files to be cleaned at make
> > distclean time then you can add them to the DISTCLEANFILES
> > variable.
> > 
> > DISTCLEANFILES = foo.mod
> Your suggestions would be done where? In the configure script or ?
> I'll look for the DISKCLEANFILES.

In the file.  Which reveals that your question is really
an automake question and not an autoconf question.  If you have
further questions you should ask on that list.  Although I realize it
is often confusing to newcomers.

Example file:

  bin_PROGRAMS = hello

  hello_SOURCES = hello.f

  DISTCLEANFILES = hello.mod

But note that I don't know anything about autotools use with Fortran.
I am just working from your example.


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