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aclocal problem

From: Harlan Stenn
Subject: aclocal problem
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005 20:34:43 +0000

I'm not sure what portion of this issue is automake, and what portion is

NTP is a "nested" auto* package.  It contains a subpackage, sntp, which
is designed to be separable from the rest of the tree.

This means that if a library is needed by both "trees", I put it as a
subdir under ntp/sntp/... so it is easily visible to both packages.

I am also converting the entire system to using AutoGen and AutoOpts,
and this is where I am noticing a rub with aclocal.

The ntp package has a number of aclocal .m4 files that it needs.

The sntp subpackage needs none of these .m4 files.

Both ntp and sntp use the libopts/ stuff from AutoOpts, which needs (and
provides) libopts.m4 .

I have this file in the m4/ subdir of both packages.

If I go to the top of the tree and run "autoreconf -vfi" the resulting files under sntp/ fail because they contain generated
dependencies for .m4 files from ntp's m4/ subdir that are both not
needed and not present.

To fix this, I have to re-run autoreconf in ntp/sntp, and this seems

It is extra lame as it's one thing for me to have to remember to do this
on a fresh tree, but when autoreconf gets triggered because of a change
to or a change to a .m4 file or ... then my next build
fails because the bogus dependencies are added so I have to manually
re-run autoreconf in the sntp/ subtree.

Suggestions would be welcome...


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