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Re: [RFC] Additional targets for powerpc

From: Kumar Gala
Subject: Re: [RFC] Additional targets for powerpc
Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2005 00:20:06 -0500


Let's make sure not to over look the embedded and 32-bit processors. There are a number of variants here that include some user ISA extensions that you did not mention:

4xx MAC
Book-E isel
e500 embedded fp
e500 SPE

Are ones that come of the top of my head. Additionally, I would say that Freescale has at least six different powerpc micro-architectures that it ships today:
    8xx, 603, 7400, 745x, e500, e200, (e700 in design)

Also, we have optimized some libc functions for 745x that take advantage of altivec and e500 that take advantage of SPE.

Anyways my point is lets make sure that any discussion includes ALL of powerpc, not just the ones shipping from IBM :)

- kumar

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