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[OT] reply-to (was: AC_FOREACH public?)

From: Allan Clark
Subject: [OT] reply-to (was: AC_FOREACH public?)
Date: Sat, 22 Oct 2005 19:42:01 -0700
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Keith Marshall wrote:
On Saturday 22 October 2005 10:08 am, Allan Clark wrote:
You might want to consider switching to elm, mutt, or a Mozilla-based
client (if you're a graphical guy); they have these features, and are
fairly well-tested.

I don't have any option to do this -- I am obliged by Company policy to use Lotus Notes, which, while it does have a "Reply-to-All" option, it's badly crippled, and fills the cc list with all sorts of rubbish.

But "Reply-to-All" is *not* the most appropriate solution -- it's what I used here, so *you* can have *two* copies of this message.
great. I've got two eyes. These duplicates are statistical noise in the world of spam... and my inbox represents mail for me, my other boxes represent mail from the list. I don't see the problem. ...and I still have choice to "reply" or "reply-all".
KMail works well for me at home, and offers all the flexibility I could ever ask for, whether the "Reply-to" header points to the list or the originator -- see my more detailed message on the subject. Unfortunately, using Lotus Notes at work, you guts are going to see me replying to you privately, when I meant to reply to the list -- please feel free to forward such replies for me.
(or not)


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