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How to get a literal #undef into config.h

From: Brian
Subject: How to get a literal #undef into config.h
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2005 18:44:07 -0600

I need to get #undef KEY into config.h, but even with AH_VERBATIM or
AH_BOTTOM autoheader turns it into #define KEY 1. I understand why - these
are only passed into <>, but I don't see a way
around it.

While i'm at it, is it necessary to have -DHAVE_CONFIG_H? Not that I see a
way to get rid of it, just trying to clean up the command line.

Brian Mingus
AIM, Skype: BReflection
Google talk: address@hidden
Phone: (720) 771-2599

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