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Re: How can I get rid of dinkleberry autotools temp dirs?

From: Bruce Korb
Subject: Re: How can I get rid of dinkleberry autotools temp dirs?
Date: Sun, 30 Oct 2005 08:59:32 -0800
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As is typical, I press "send" and suddenly something dawns on me:

> 4.  Because these tools wind up leaving their temporary directories
>     around, you get the error message:
> >     autoreconf: Leaving directory `.'
> >     autoreconf: cannot empty /local/tmp/ar8810.11683: Is a directory
> >     $ echo $?
> >     1
> >     $ find /local/tmp/ar8810.11683
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683/am4tNcVwla
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683/am4t0eEdr4
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683/am4tVDkyK5
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683/ahOnypvr
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683/am4tfAHR8o
> >     /local/tmp/ar8810.11683/am4te7Ws2L
> 5.  I modified autom4te and autoheader to have this line of text at the end:
>          xsystem ("set -x ; rm -rf $tmp");
>     but you notice that some "am4t*" and "ah*" directories persist.
> 6.  Adding that to autoreconf fixes the problem, until I get the
>     next edition of autoconf.  :)

Even doing that left a directory:

> $ find /local/tmp/a*
> /local/tmp/arRdqYXc

so now I know the problem:

mktmpdir is creating *TWO* directories.  e.g. /local/tmp/arRdqYXc and
/local/tmp/ar8810.11683 and $tmp is set to the latter.  This second
directory is properly removed (if it is empty) at the end of the Perl
run.  The former is not.  If these autoheader/autom4te "former" temp
directories are left in the autoreconf temp directory, you have a

So, the question boils down to how come two directories are created
and what can I do about it?  :)

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