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Echoing --prefix choice during configure

From: Brad Bell
Subject: Echoing --prefix choice during configure
Date: Sun, 01 Jan 2006 07:29:22 -0800
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I would like to be able to echo the users choice for
while the configure script executes.

For example, the configure script documented in
currently starts with the following output
configure: ******** Begin Checking Command Line arguments *************** checking --prefix ... your choice can't be reported here (autoconf limitation)
   checking --with-GetStarted ... no
   checking --with-Example ... no

I notice that the discussion
mentions that, if the user does not specify a prefix,
it has the value NONE in the context of the script.

I could map NONE to the default installation directory; i.e.
the directory specified by the
before reporting it during configure  command in
In fact, I think that prefix (in the context of
should be equal to this instead of NONE.

I have not been able to find a discussion of NONE in the autoconf manual; i.e.,
this feature does not seem to be part of the autoconf specifications.

I do not like to use features that are not in the specifications because:
1) I do not expect such features to be portable to other systems.
2) I do not expect new versions of a program to meet such features.

I could use another syntax for prefix instead of --prefix; for example.,
On the other hand, this would require me to generate an error message if the user used
--prefix (which most users are used to using).

For now (as in the above output) I have just echoed
checking --prefix ... your choice can't be reported here (autoconf limitation)

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