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Do not name your AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR `aux'

From: Brian
Subject: Do not name your AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR `aux'
Date: Tue, 10 Jan 2006 18:08:09 -0700

As I found out the hard way, `aux' is not portable to Cygwin, as it is a
reserved folder name in Windows. You will not receive an explicit error.
Instead your folder will simply be corrupted. The reason is that Windows
won't let you directly create a folder named `aux', it will just revert
immediately to "New Folder." Given that, they did not add any error checking
code for an imported folder with this name.

Any chance of sneaking this into that macro's help text?

Brian Mingus
AIM, Skype: BReflection
Google talk: address@hidden
Phone: (720) 771-2599

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