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Re: finding the location of header (.h) files

From: tomas
Subject: Re: finding the location of header (.h) files
Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2006 05:27:25 +0000
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On Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 06:02:44AM -0400, Thomas Dickey wrote:
> On Tue, 1 Aug 2006, address@hidden wrote:
> >So you would first check for the existence of pkg-config [...]
> and inevitably (since there's more than one version of pkg-config) start 
> to accumulate autoconf macros to filter through incompatibilities 
> therein...

Yep, of course, you are right. I myself was dismayed when all those
foo-config started popping up everywhere and then pkg-config. But what
is out there providing this functionality? Find/locate might give you
some random (hopefully working) instance of what you are looking for,
but definitely *not* the one the sysadmin/installer wants you to use.
"Standard" locations are too unflexible, might work as a fallback. The
way I see it at the moment is:

  1. User provided (--with-libfoo=XXX)
  2. pkg-config if there (complain, but not quit if not).
  3. standard locations (/usr/include or what not).

Any better ideas?

Let's hope pkg-config settles (or something better obsoletes it) in the
foreseeable future.


-- tomas

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