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From: Ben Bergen
Subject: CPPFLAGS...
Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2006 09:27:37 -0600

If this is the wrong forum for this question, please let me know where
to send it.  I am working on a project that mixes C and C++.  The
problem that I have is that there is only one CPPFLAGS for both
compilers.  Why is this the case?  It would be nice if
automake/autoconf provided a CXXPPFLAGS variable so that the flags
could be set independently.  This is not a problem if you are only
using gcc with g++.  However, for performance reasons, I need to use
g++ with the IBM xlc compiler.  Does anyone have a work-around or
suggestion?  Is this something that could be changed in the autoconf

  Dr.-Ing. Benjamin Karl Bergen
  CCS-2 Continuum Dynamics
  Los Alamos National Laboratory

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