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Autoconf test version 2.60a available

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Autoconf test version 2.60a available
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 21:23:13 -0700
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We're happy to announce the release of Autoconf 2.60a.  This is a test
version.  It is mostly a bug-fix release since 2.60.  We hope to
generate Autoconf 2.61 soon, based on feedback from this test version.

The important changes since Autoconf 2.60 are listed below.

The sources (1.4 MB) and GPG detached signature are here:

Here are the MD5 and SHA-512 checksums:

c1edbe18ea85fd6ad767a3263d717522  autoconf-2.60a.tar.gz

There is one known test problem: if you run "make check" to test
Autoconf, and are using GNU M4 version 1.4.4 or earlier, a test will
fail.  This is merely a failure in the test harness; it is not a bug
in Autoconf proper, or in GNU M4.  We recommend testing with GNU M4
1.4.6, the current version of M4.

I'd like to thank the other major contributors to this test release,
who are Ralf Wildenhues, Paolo Bonzini, Stepan Kasal, and Noah Misch.


* Major changes in Autoconf 2.60a (2006-08-25)

** GNU M4 1.4.6 or later is now recommended.  At least one "make check"
  test fails with earlier versions of M4.

** The check for C99 now tests for varargs macros, as documented.
  It also tests that the preprocessor supports 64-bit integers.

** Autoconf now uses constructs like "#ifdef HAVE_STDLIB_H" rather than
  "#if HAVE_STDLIB_H", so that it now works with "gcc -Wundef -Werror".

** The functionality of the undocumented _AC_COMPUTE_INT is now provided
  by a public and documented macro, AC_COMPUTE_INT.  The parameters to the
  two macros are different, so autoupdate will not change the old private name
  to the new one.  _AC_COMPUTE_INT may be removed in a future release.

   that long long types be at least 64 bits wide, as C99 and tradition
   requires.  Formerly, they accepted implementations of any width.

Here is a link to the ChangeLog entries since 2.60:

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