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RE: calling autoreconf and minimizing rebuilds

From: David Byron
Subject: RE: calling autoreconf and minimizing rebuilds
Date: Thu, 7 Sep 2006 10:03:20 -0700

On Wednesday, September 6, 2006, David Byron wrote: 

[ A bunch of stuff about autoreconf -fvi and autoreconf -vi, snipped ]

Thanks to Ralf and Stepan for getting to the bottom of why autoreconf -vi causes
extra stuff to build.

Now I think I'm left with just one dilemna.  The docs say I need to run
autoreconf -fvi after an autotools upgrade.  I think that means my helper
Makefile (the one that runs autoreconf, makes a build directory, runs configure
and make) needs to run autoreconf -fvi to be safe, yes?

What's involved in making autoreconf smart enough to deal with autotools
upgrades without using -f?


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