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Re: ac-archive-macros-2006.0927.tar.bz2

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: Re: ac-archive-macros-2006.0927.tar.bz2
Date: Tue, 17 Oct 2006 12:25:36 +0200
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Peter Simon's mail does contain a lot of allegations - I will
refrain to clarify in the same length. I hope that quite some
people on the Autoconf list know me well enough to assume that
there had never been bad intentions whatsoever on my side.

Peter has been contacting me on Sunday to ask about the
redistribution of m4 macro files at that
had been published before at - calling
it "his work". I hinted that the GPL does allow redistribution
of GPL-protected work including others extensions - only to see
me being accused of GPL-violation yesterday and without waiting
for response he wrote a few hours later to the sourceforge staff
requesting their intervention on the project.

Technically, I noted him that the website had
have multiple links to the archive. The sf-net project is
about the integration of mulitple sources with the archive
running as one among others - the archive is a bit special
here as it integrates again other peoples work. Since the html
pages were already honouring the source and the m4 files
did never contain a hint back, I have decided to redistribute the
README COPYING AUTHORS files from the tarball as well
in the update of today (ac-archive-macros-2006.1017.tar.bz2) in an
attempt to comply with the alleged requirement (in his mail to
sourceforge) to have something in there that "identifies me (i.e.
Peter) as the compilation copyright owner". Plus, every single
html page from a macro carries now a hotlink back there.

On another account, everyone is invited to partake in the sf-net
autoconf macro archive. I have remade the build chain in python
so that everyone can create the full website - the source
repository is public at the sourceforge cvs. (btw, Peter has
never published his build tools - the tarball is incomplete).
As an extra of the refurnished (which is still
not uptodate in quite a number of places) does contain unix manual
pages generated from the macro files. The docbook intermediate
xml might be used for other derivate work as well. Your choice.

Have fun, everyone
-- Guido
P.S. the old tarball will be removed - I don't think it was bad
     but a new one is available anyway and I am always fine with
     lowering aggressiveness in this world.

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