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Re: build/host libs for cross compiling

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: build/host libs for cross compiling
Date: Sun, 22 Oct 2006 07:05:04 -0700

Robert Schwebel wrote:

> Is there a standard solution for this kind of problem, or is there some
> project out there which can act as a good example howt do do that?

I think the standard solution would be to do multiple builds in
different VPATH dirs of the support library during the normal make
process.  The sourceware "src" (i.e. gcc, binutils, etc) toplevel
configure does this, for example when you build gcc you get a
build-libiberty and a target-libiberty (and a host-libiberty for a
canadian cross IIRC.)  So you could look at how it's done there for an


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