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macro_to_html + macro_to xml unix manpage

From: Guido Draheim
Subject: macro_to_html + macro_to xml unix manpage
Date: Mon, 05 Feb 2007 04:19:35 +0100
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I have extracted some routines from the current AC-Archive
website engine (implemented in Python) to work standalone
on a single macro (or small number of macros if you like).

Given a macro ax_example.m4 you can now say
> ac_archive_macro_to_html ax_example.m4
which creates the output file ax_example.html
as it would be presented at

Additionally I have turned that into a CGI script at
where you can test the macro submission format and
how it would like to be formatted at the AC-Archive.
Have fun with it,

* Unix Manpage Generation

A long while back I decided to render the AC-Archive
macros also as docbook xml files. Using "xmlto" one
can create unix manpages for each single autoconf
macro in the AC-Archive. A complete man7/* tarball
can be downloaded directly from the website at

Using that locally, you would say
> ac_archive_macro_to_docbook ax_example.m4
# creates a file ax_example.docbook
> xmlto man ax_example.docbook
# creates a file ax_example.7
> man -l ax_example.7

* -tools.rpm

All these tools are now installed as a separate rpm
If you do download the source tarball from the
then you would say
> make install-tools

That does also install a tool to rebuild any other autoconf
repository named ac_archive_gendocs and a combined tool for
html/docbook that prints to stdout named just macro_to, i.e.
> ac_archive_macro_to xml ax_example.m4

Please test,
and have fun,
-- Guido

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