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Re: What about ax_boost_base.m4?

From: Craig Sanders
Subject: Re: What about ax_boost_base.m4?
Date: Tue, 22 May 2007 13:13:37 +1000

Hi Paul.

I used the AX_BOOST macros some months ago. From memory, the package is 
composed of a number of macros of which AX_BOOST_BASE is the base macro. I was 
using the macros under Fedora Core 2 (FC2) with 2 different versions of Boost 
installed. One version was the standard version that comes with FC2 (1.30.x I 
think), the other was version 1.33.1 which I installed in my home directory. 
From memory, I was able to specify which installation of Boost I wanted the 
autotools to use and autoconf would find it and work out which version it it 
was. If you are like me, you may need to have a bit of a play with these macros 
first before you get the hang of how to use them.

>From memory these macros are written and maintained by a guy named Thomas 
>Porschberg (I hope I have spelt his name correctly). You should be able to 
>find his e-mail address somewhere in the AX_BOOST package. I if recollect 
>correctly, he also has a web-site which demonstrates how to use his macros, 
>although I can't remember what the URL is for it. You may want to try 
>e-mailing Thomas directly if you have any more queries about the macros and 
>his package.

Hope this helps.

- Craig Sanders

Paul Elliott <address@hidden> wrote:> 
> I am using autoconf and automake and also the boost libraries.
> In the past I have had problems, because different distros
> had different versions of boost, installed in different places,
> sometimes with sightly different .so names.
> I have found on the web something called ax_boost_base.m4
> in the Autoconf Macro Archive. Is this in some sense part of
> autoconf/automake or is it an unofficial addon?
> Will it find out where the boost include/lib files are and
> figure out the version for me?
> What is the best way to use boost with the auto* tools?
> Thank You.
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