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Re: Dynamically creating output variables.

From: Ralf Wildenhues
Subject: Re: Dynamically creating output variables.
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 13:05:29 +0100
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Hello Craig,

* Craig Sanders wrote on Wed, Jan 16, 2008 at 11:34:14AM CET:
> Is it possible to dynamically create output variables using AC_SUBST
> or some other means? The reason that I ask is because I am considering
> the idea of setting up a master configuration file for a project which
> I am working on. This master configuration file will contain a number
> of settings which are stored as key-value pairs. I then want to use
> AC_SUBST, or some other mechanism to make these key-value pairs
> available to output files when they are generated by AC_OUTPUT.

Is the set of keys known and fixed (or a fixed subset of a known set) at
`autoconf' time, or only at `./configure' time?  What about the values?
The first argument to AC_SUBST must be known at `autoconf' time.


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