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Re: config.h variable substitution

From: Gary Vaughan
Subject: Re: config.h variable substitution
Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2008 23:36:29 +0800

Look up the documentation for Autoconf's AC_DEFINE_UNQUOTED.

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On 6 Feb 2008, at 22:55, Jules Colding <address@hidden> wrote:


I want to specify a default location for a configuration file so that my
program can find it from a define in config.h.

I want to install the file as "/etc/lorica.conf". So I'll like to do
something like this to get a defined value that can be used at compile

AC_DEFINE([LORICA_CONF_FILE], ["$sysconfdir/lorica.conf"], [Full path to Lorica configuration file])

Unfortunately this doesn't work. In config.h I get:

/* Full path to Lorica configuration file */
#define LORICA_CONF_FILE "$sysconfdir/lorica.conf"

but I want:

/* Full path to Lorica configuration file */
#define LORICA_CONF_FILE "/etc/lorica.conf"

Is it possible to do this?

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