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Re: Which variable expands to /var?

From: Brian Dessent
Subject: Re: Which variable expands to /var?
Date: Thu, 07 Feb 2008 20:39:00 -0800

Eric Blake wrote:

> ./configure --enable-fhs --docdir=$HOME/doc

I think you could argue that this should be --with-fhs, or at least not
--enable-fhs.  The GCS says:

> No ‘--enable’ option should ever cause one feature to replace 
> another. No ‘--enable’ option should ever substitute one useful 
> behavior for another useful behavior. The only proper use for 
> --enable’ is for questions of whether to build part of the program 
> or exclude it. 

Actually, if you take the GCS as written there should be no option for
this, the user should simply use the standard existing methods:

> You will note that the categories ‘--with-’ and ‘--enable-’ are 
> narrow: they do not provide a place for any sort of option you might 
> think of. That is deliberate. We want to limit the possible 
> configuration options in GNU software. We do not want GNU programs 
> to have idiosyncratic configuration options.

So, I dunno.  It just seems to me personally that --with-fhs fits a
little better.


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