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configure options for directory variables in standards.texi

From: Karl Berry
Subject: configure options for directory variables in standards.texi
Date: Sun, 10 Feb 2008 17:51:36 -0600


I'd like to ask rms to approve having all the configure options that set
the directory variables (prefix, bindir, ...) in standards.texi.  So
that people who don't use autoconf know that they need to be implemented.

Apparently rms had some objection to --prefix when it was first
implemented, but he doesn't remember why now, and seems willing to
accept it.

Specifically, in the Configuration node, I'm thinking of proposing this
text in the area where it's talking about options:

  In addition, the @samp{configure} script should take options
  corresponding to most of the standard directory variables
  (@pxref{Directory Variables}).  Here is the list:

  --prefix --exec-prefix --bindir --sbindir --libexecdir --sysconfdir
  --sharedstatedir --localstatedir --libdir --includedir --oldincludedir
  --datarootdir --datadir --infodir --localedir --mandir --docdir
  --htmldir --dvidir --pdfdir --psdir
  @end example

(Well, I'll eventually sort the list differently, but never mind.)

Does this seem sensible?  Any suggestions?  Also, could anyone
interested please take a look at the Directory Variables node and
mention anything that should be updated there?

Also, I noticed one discrepancy: the DV node talks about "lispdir", but
there is no --lispdir and no @lispdir@ either; at least it doesn't
appear in the manual.  I'm somewhat puzzled by this.  I looked at the
Emacs and gettext distributions and they each apparently have their own
support for it.  Not sure if there's anything to do there ...

Also, I'm not sure about standardizing --program-prefix/suffix/transform.
Any thoughts on that?


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