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Re: Is autoupdate supposed to scan comments?

From: Eric Blake
Subject: Re: Is autoupdate supposed to scan comments?
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2008 06:35:48 -0700
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According to NightStrike on 2/18/2008 10:40 PM:
| I have a file with a line like this:
| #AC_CANONICAL_SYSTEM is obsolete
| When I run autoupdate, it changes that line to read:
| #AC_CANONICAL_TARGET is obsolete
| Shouldn't autoupdate ignore comments when scanning for macro names
| that need to updating?

I'm not sure that this is wise, since how do you tell a true m4 comment
apart from quoted content like [#include <stdlib.h>]?  It might be
possible to patch autoupdate to no longer disable comments, but I don't
know how easy it would be, since autoupdate does quite a bit of m4 magic
in defining which macros exist at which time, nor do I know if it would
break other things.

|  Or am I doing something wrong?

No - for now, the fact that autoupdate disables all comments (or in other
words, updates the contents of comments) is intentional - look at
autoupdate, for the definition of __au_disable.

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