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Re: how to tell autoconf/automake where fortran .mod file lives

From: Keith Marshall
Subject: Re: how to tell autoconf/automake where fortran .mod file lives
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2008 22:53:30 +0000
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On Saturday 15 March 2008 19:22, Tim Dennis wrote:
> the macro call:
> AC_SEARCH_LIBS(h5open_f,[hdf5_fortran],[],[],[ -L$prefix/lib
> -I$prefix/lib])

This doesn't look right; that final argument isn't for specifying what 
LDFLAGS should be, it is to specify *other* libraries which are needed 
to satisfy the link test, in addition to the one you are checking.  You 
should simply write the test as:


then specify the proper LDFLAGS, and maybe also FFLAGS, (or whatever the 
appropriate variable for specifying compiler flags to be passed to your 
FORTRAN compiler is called), when you run configure:

  path/to/configure FFLAGS='...' LDFLAGS='-L/path/to/my/libs' ...

(My apologies for inadvertently omitting the `-L' from the example I 
posted earlier).

Note that the `-I' specification doesn't belong in LDFLAGS; if you need 
it, it should go in CPPFLAGS, (for C/C++), and I guess the equivalent 
would be FFLAGS for FORTRAN.  (These are all flags which should be left 
for the user to specify, when running configure).


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